Ways To Donate

Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our monthly vet bills average $20,000 to $40,000. We are entirely volunteer based, and primarily funded by donations, grants, and adoption fees, 90% of which goes directly to providing medical care for our needy rescue birds. Donations are tax-deductible. Email donations@mickaboo.org if you have any questions.
Orange Parrot

Donate Funds

You may donate either:

Car Donation

Donate Your Vehicle

Easily get rid of your old vehicle (car, truck, RV, or boat) by donating it to MIckaboo. Mickaboo receives ~70% of the net proceeds from the sale of the vehicle and you get a tax deduction.

Donate Your Used Goods

Mickaboo partners with Community Thrift Store, a nonprofit retail store at 623 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA.  To donate in Mickaboo's name:

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Donate Your Bird's Feathers!

Send your feathers to artists who contribute a part of their sales to Mickaboo! Send them to:
Art For The Birds
7480 Heatherwood Drive
Cupertino, CA 95014

Please include with your feathers:

Order Chocolate!

Rescue Chocolate is partnering with Mickaboo! Order Rescue Chocolate online and type "Mickaboo" into the Message box on the order form. Rescue Chocolate will give Mickaboo $1 on every chocolate bar or truffle collection so designated.

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Buy Bird-Themed Greeting Cards!

Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue has teamed up with Second Chance Greetings to create birthday, holiday and everyday greeting cards that feature beautiful rescued birds. 50% of the proceeds will go directly to Mickaboo!

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Buy a T-Shirt!

Rescued is My Favorite Breed makes t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts displaying cartoon drawings promoting animal rescue organizations. Five dollars of each item purchased from the linked site will benefit Mickaboo.

Shop Online

Online purchases made through iGive.comgivebackamerica.com, goodshop.com, or escrip.com allow you to donate a part of your purchase to Mickaboo - at no c

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Search Online

Do your online searches with igive.com or  goodsearch.com to help earn Mickaboo money, at a penny per search! It all adds up!

Bissell for Pets logo

Shop at Bissell.com!

Mickaboo is proud to be a Partner for Pets! BISSELL and LostPetUSA.net have teamed up to help organizations like ours raise money, and Bissellnow you can help too!  

Shop with Your Credit Card

If you use credit cards, sign up at escrip.com to have participating stores (except for Safeway) donate a part of your purchases to Mickaboo. Increase the percentage donated to Mickaboo by using their online mall!

Buy or Sell Real Estate!

Your next move can support Mickaboo. My Broker Donates connects you with best-in-market realtors who donate 15% of their fee to Mickaboo.

Throw a Party!

Chevy's and Panda Express each allow individuals to host a party (dine-in or take-out) at their restaurants - and will donate 20-25% of the proceeds to Mickaboo!  See the details for Chevy's and Panda Express's programs - and

Go Green!

Mickaboo receives funds from Planet Green when we recycle and buy recycled!

Buy Skin Care Products

Tomoko, a volunteer at Mickaboo and independent consultant for NYR Organic, would like to donate 10% of your NYR Organic purchases to Mickaboo.  NYR Organic is a 30-year-old British skin care company with stores worldwide.

To help Mickaboo, 

Pet Food Express "My Mutt" Program

If you donate $250 to Mickaboo, Pet Food Express will send out a professional photographer to take pictures of your bird. They will also create a poster of your bird (with Mickaboo's name mentioned) and hang it in the window of a Pet Food Express store. Here's an example of the beautiful poster created for Thornwood, the budgie!

Do You Shop or Sell on Ebay?

Consider dropping by Mickaboo's eBay page. Here you can: